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* What special accommodation features are available?

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Waterfall lodge has now a fun new addition.

Winter or summer the romantic setting of the outdoor bath overlooking your private waterfall is something that many of us dream about- including myself. After cooking and enjoying  the finest pizza in the wood-burning pizza oven, climb into the bath with your favorite person and glass of wine and start to RELAX.


Basic continental breakfast items are  provided in the cottage for you  such as coffee tea, sugar, fruit bowl, fresh farm eggs, milk, margarine.


 We love  to provide something from the garden where possible- but this is obviouly seasonally and success based  :) 


Whether our guests are seeking a private hideaway to escape the world or preferring to experience a slice of Kiwi farm life, there is something here for everyone. Waterfall Lodge is nestled in a corner of our 45 acres of picturesque farmland positioned close enough to our home for those wanting to wander on up for some human interaction and kiwi hospitality yet far enough away for escapism and privacy- that is for you to decide.


 Grab the picnic blanket and goi for a wander- find a big tree to lie under and just enjoy being out there in nature. The native bird life is quite amazing- from the wild turkeys to the morepork - our native owl, and not to forget the crazy free flying lorikete Chrissey that spends her time between patrolling the skies around the farm to sitting on my shoulder and getting into mischief.. She's different!


 Wonderful creatures to have around. They will generally wander in and out around the cottage  area.